Saturday, October 8, 2016

1949 Oldsmobile 98 Sedanette

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  1. Nice pictures, Ryan. Good shots of such a beautiful car! And, it is so nice to see one which has not been modified. Now, this car is a 1948 Olds 98. These are often referred to as Sedanettes, but Oldsmobile called a Club Sedan. As a car guy, I can only imagine how excited I would have been to see these totally new, modern cars roll onto the streets after having lived with cars which hadn't changed much since 1942. It must have been a thrill! Visually, the 1948 models were very similar to the '49's. In '49, the side spear ahead of the rear fenders was gone. A chrome piece was added to the top of the rear fenders which ended at a restyled tail light. The most telltale sign was the addition of fresh air grills built into a single unit with the paring lights beneath the headlights. But, the biggest difference between the two years was under the hood. This Ninety Eight has one of the last of Oldsmobile's 257 cubic inch straight eight's, under it's hood. A very long engine which would disappear with the introduction of the 303 cubic inch Rocket V8 in 1949. I've seen plenty of V8's in my time, but I'd love to take a look under the hood of this Olds.